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Acne & LED Blue Light Treatments


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Description of Acne and LED Blue Light


What causes Acne?

Acne is produced when the oil produced by sebaceous glands does not reach the surface of the skin but is trapped in tiny pores or follicles.  This plug may close off the pore, causing the follicle wall to bulge, which creates a whitehead.  If the pore stays open, the top surface of the plug may become darkened, causing a blackhead.  In both cases, the bacteria P. acnes thrive in the clogged follicles. When the bacteria and pus leak from the follicle into the surrounding tissue, pimples are formed.  Bacterial can double in 20 minutes.


Why is it so hard to control?  

Unfortunately, acne is something most of us have experienced at one time or another.  As many as three out of four teenagers have experienced it to some extent.  It is most prevalent during adolescence because hormonal changes stimulate the sebaceous glands (oil glands), increasing the chance of acne.  While most people outgrow acne in their late teens or early twenties, many continue to be affected much longer.  Aggravation of acne in later life may occur with menstrual periods, use of birth control pills, use of oil based products, improper cleansing habits, and stress.


Treatment of Acne

In the past, treatments for acne have included topical antibacterial and antibiotics, oral antibiotics, Retin-A, Accutane, astringents, and exfoliants.


You may have heard that “blackheads are dirt”; “only teens have acne”; junk foods cause acne; or it will go away by itself”.  These and other myths have prevented many from seeking the appropriate acne treatment for years.  Now there is a safer, easier way to treat acne.


BLUE LED Light – the new way to treat acne

Blue Light LED is an FDA approved professional strength device used to eliminate the P. acne bacteria in the skin.  Also accelerating and promoting healing to inflamed skin, lesions, sores that occur due to picking the skin with acne. This may be the treatment for you.


What is LED Light?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Photo Rejuvenation is a breakthrough, non-invasive technology based on research by NASA scientists.  This innovative treatment utilizes certain frequencies of light to visibly reduce acne breakouts and rosacea. Unlike laser technologies that rely on high-powered coherent light to create heat energy, LED Photo Rejuvenation triggers the body to convert light energy into cell energy without thermal injury to tissue to gradually produce amazing results. LED Photo Rejuvenation is NOT a laser.  It is a gentle, safe and effective light based treatment with no discomfort or downtime.


How does BLUE LED Light work?

The BLUE LED Light therapy kills the P. acne bacteria in your skin.  The BLUE Light can be administered alone or in conjunction with a topical application (determined by your grade of acne), in addition to your LED treatment.  Studies show that BLUE Light provides treatment for both active lesions and other inactive sebaceous glands that are not creating active lesions.  Pretreatment with Chemical Peel, antibacterial topical, may offer additional reduction of lesions, pustules, papules, blackheads, whiteheads, pore size reduction, smoother texture (reduction in lines) and help to accelerate skin improvements.


How does RED LED Light Work?

The RED LED Light therapy helps to minimize inflammation, scarring, hyper pigmentation, pore size and wrinkles that can also be present and created with acne. You can see natural improvements in skin health from the first session.


What are the treatments like?

Patients receiving BLUE Light are placed in a massage chair which does rolling and vibrating to help with relaxation. 

Blue Light Acne Treatments

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·         The face and neck are deep cleansed with an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hydrating cleanser.

·         Eye goggles are placed over the eyes. 

·         A Chemical peel is applied per protocol.


·         The BLUE Light is placed directly on the skin moving over the face, neck, anywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending on the skin condition.  Problematic areas where there are more active breakouts, scarring, receive more attention.

·         A hydrating, soothing, calming, mask is applied and left on the skin for 5-10 min.

·         A hot stone massage is performed on the upper arms, upper back and neck for deep relaxation.

·         Extractions may be needed.

·         The mask is removed.  An antibacterial moisturizer is applied along with a tinted, oil free, sunscreen is applied for daytime.  Evening appointments, an oil free, antibacterial moisturizer is applied.  The final touch!


Treatments are spaced at weekly intervals.  The number of your treatments, your treatment time and your treatment interval may vary with severity of your acne.


Antibacterial products are usually recommended to take home to continue the process and improve your skin.


Are there any side effects?

Unlike other topical treatments, treatments with BLUE Light have shown minimal adverse side effects or patient discomfort.  The BLUE Light treatments are gentle and do not harm surrounding tissue.


What results can I expect?

After two to four weekly treatments, most patients experience a reduction in the severity of their acne and a reduction in the number of pustules and papules, blackheads and whiteheads.  Studies have shown that the application of a topical antibacterial or use of Chemical Peel in conjunction with the BLUE Light treatments, also provide long term resolution of hyperactive sebaceous glands.


Are you ready to treat your acne?  Schedule an appointment with our Licensed Esthetician-Certified Medical Esthetician to see what we can do for you.


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