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Professional Strength peel. LED light Treatment and micro-current used in tandem create an immediate visible lifting affect. Fabulous resutls in less than an hour. Perfect for special occasions when you want to dazzle.





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Natural, beautiful, long, thick lashes in minutes. Enhance your own eyelashes with this supplemental eyelash application.



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Artistic Eyebrow ($22.00) - The most detailed waxing service provided for your eyebrows. This service is for the first timer or someone who wants to alter the shape or of their eyebrows for a look that best compliments you (highlighter, brow powder and brow mouse are complimentary).


Eyebrow Touch-Up ($15.00) - Best recommended for someone who is content with the current shape of their eyebrows and just needs a touch-up.


Lip ($10.00) - Removal of the hair on the upper lip.


Chin ($10.00) - Removal of hair for the area on the chin.


Sides of Face(2) ($20.00)-Removal of hair at the top of cheek bone to the jaw line.


Additional Patches ($10.00) - Removal of hair on the face not mentioned in our services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What exactly is waxing?
A: Waxing is the removal of hair by means of a depilatory wax and slightly exfoliates the skin.

Q: Is waxing painful?
A: There is a certain amount of discomfort associated with the service. Keep in mind that the hair is being removed from the follicle very quickly. The discomfort should not be severe but it does vary from person to person dependent on individual tolerance levels.  Wax is used at a comfortable temperature, usually, just above skin temperature.

Q: How often should I get waxed?
A: It is recommended to be waxed every 4 to 6 weeks but, it can vary from individual to individual.

Q:  When should waxing not be done?

A:  You should not have waxing done if you are on Retin A, Accutane, or any other skin thinning product or have a systemic disease.  Never wax an area in and around open wounds.

Q: Can I wax if I have sunburn?
A: No, It is not recommended.


The answers provided are for general information only and can vary from individual to individual


Before Facial

     Before and After photos of an artistic eyebrow and make-up session!

  After makeup


















After make up session




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Facial Waxing, Eyebrow Design and Maintenance

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