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Power Lifting and Anti Aging Facial

Professional Strength peel. LED light Treatment and micro-current used in tandem create an immediate visible lifting affect. Fabulous resutls in less than an hour. Perfect for special occasions when you want to dazzle.





Individual Eyelash Application

Natural, beautiful, long, thick lashes in minutes. Enhance your own eyelashes with this supplemental eyelash application.



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New Spa Location

Come relax in our new State of the Art Studio. Affordable facials with immediate results.



Facial and Body Treatments- Why bother?



Enhances the health and nourishment of the skin

Aids in relaxation and helps relieve stress

Improves and induces muscle tone and relieves muscle tension and stiffness

Improves blood circulation and flow of lymph fluid

Promotes nourishment, repair and renewal of body cells

Assists in weight loss

Assists the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the tissue

Lowers the heart and pulse rate reducing blood pressure

Detoxifies the body systems

Soothes and relaxes nerves relieving stress

Reduces TMJ (Temporamandibular joint dysfunction)

Helps Sinusitis

Promotes deeper and easier breathing

Strengthens the immune system

Fosters a feeling of well being


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Description of Skin Care Treatments

Come learns more about our advances skin care treatments.

Benefits of LED Light Therapy

Learn more about the personal benefits of FDA Approved LED Light Therapy

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 MicroCurrent Facial Treatment

FDA approved to strengthen the facial muscles

Facial Chemical Peels

Learn more about the benefits of Chemical peels

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 Skin Care Products

Certified Organic Ingredients are used in all these state of the art products.

Facial Waxing, Eyebrow Design and Maintenance

Alter your Eyebrows to compliment your looks.