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What is Cellulite?



Cellulite is a french term describing the enlargement of the subcutaneous fat cells resulting in an uneven, lumpy-bumpy appearance of the subcutaneous fatty layer. It has no relation to Cellulitis, a severe, dangerous bacterial infection of the subcutaneous fat.   There is no cure, however, you can manage cellulite with exercise, massage and firming body products to increase circulation.  Daily brushing in the shower or bath also can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Cellulite affects mostly women, but also some men. It is most commonly found on the buttocks and thighs of middle aged women but may appear as early as in the 20-s. There are lumps alternating with dells caused by uneven accumulation and herniation of fat lobules, separated by fibrous bands.

Many factors can determine the presence and severity of Cellulite.





·         Genetic factors are very important.

·         Obesity can play a role in some cases, although many non-obese women can have Cellulite.

·         Age often plays a major role inasmuch as the skin becomes thinner with age, and thus reveals more readily the underlying imperfections.

·         The role of Smoking has not yet been entirely elucidated.

·         The role of Diet heavy in sugar.

·         The role of Exercise.  Exercise increases circulation.






Cellulite Categories

Cellulite is graded into 4 categories:

Grade 1 - Mild and visible dimpling only when pinched.

Grade 2 - Cellulite is visible when standing but disappears when lying down. There is more swelling of the fat and spider veins may be present.

Grade 3 - Protruding lobules of fat visible when standing as well as when lying down.

Grade 4 - Cellulite is nodular (lumpy) and can be hard and painful.







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