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Power Lifting and Anti Aging Facial

Professional Strength peel. LED light Treatment and micro-current used in tandem create an immediate visible lifting affect. Fabulous resutls in less than an hour. Perfect for special occasions when you want to dazzle.





Individual Eyelash Application

Natural, beautiful, long, thick lashes in minutes. Enhance your own eyelashes with this supplemental eyelash application.



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Come relax in our new State of the Art Studio. Affordable facials with immediate results.



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(Performed by a Licensed & Certified Medical Esthetician)


BYE, BYE BLEMISHES (ACNE) ($55.00 for 1 hour)

Acne is becoming a more common skin challenge in adults as well as teenagers.  Hormone fluctuations, menopause, stress and overactive oil glands are common causes. We use a combination of an Alpha Beta treatment and LED Blue Light and customized skin care products to reduce redness/swelling/bacteria and blemishes. Removing dead skin cells and bacteria. This powerful treatment gives an immediate reduction in the appearance of blackheads, milia, enlarged pores, scarring, redness and breakouts.  Also improving fine lines and wrinkles.  Extractions may be needed.  Anti-bacterial toner and oil free moisturizer is applied leaving the skin smooth and balanced. 



Sensitive skin can be caused by intrinsic or extrinsic factors.  LED Red Light (Developed by NASA to heal wounds for the astronauts), is used to calm, heal and sooth sensitive skin.   Anti-irritants help prevent the dilation of blood vessels and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.  Blemishes are treatment is if necessary.


POWER LIFT, FIRMING (ANTI-AGING) ($55.00 for 1 hour)

Slow down the signs of aging with the ultimate in firming and lifting treatment resulting in an instant face lift.  This collagen building treatment improves the structure of the skin, diminishing fine lines.  A unique facial massage helps to lift and firm the skin.  Professional strength peel, LED light treatment and micro-current used in tandem create an immediate visible lifting affect. Fabulous results in less than an hour. Perfect for special occasions when you want to dazzle.


($55.00 for 1 hour)

Causes of hyper-pigmentation range from sun damage-caused by UV exposure, hormone fluctuations- due to pregnancy or menopause, and skin injuries such as acne scarring. Certain skin types can also be more susceptible to hyper-pigmentation.  Starting with an Alpha beta treatment, LED light and brightening products.   Photons of light energy (LED) enter areas of hyper pigmentation and destroy the melanin, which is gradually absorbed by the body diminishing uneven pigmentation or age spots.  UVA/UVB sunscreen should be applied daily.



BEAUTIFUL BACK TREATMENT ($75.00 for 1 hour)

Your hard to reach and often neglected back is deep cleansed & exfoliated.  Anti-stress neck, shoulder and back massage are performed.  LED Light is then used to shrink skin imperfections.  A soothing mask and warm towels are applied.  Feel the knots in your muscles melt away. Toner and hydrating moisturizer is the finishing touch leaving the skin smooth, balanced and radiant.


($65.00 for 1 hour)

Deep exfoliation with our powerful, circulating massage brush and combining the newest technology of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) - dimples start to disappear. The LED Light-Emitting Diode unit uses technology which stimulates blood flow and oxygen to the area to help the body natural process of elimination of toxins. Research has shown that the lymph vessel diameter and the flow of the lymph system can be doubled with the use of intense light therapy. This action allows toxins to flow naturally out of the body.  A firming body cream is applied. Exercise and proper diet is recommended for best results. More than one treatment is recommended.  This is not meant for Grade 3 or 4 Cellulite.



*Add hot stones to your body treatment for $10.00

*Add Alpha-beta body peel to treat and shrink breakouts and hyper-pigmentation for $20.00


 *Services and Prices subject to change

Results may vary, more than one treatment may be required.